ACPOTI: White Supremacists Vs. Bush

It has been a while since I checked in to see what the detestable scumballs in White Supremacist movement were up to, so I stopped in at the Vanguard News Network forums. A lot of the threads were the “same old same old”. You know…

— Trying to figure out if women they’re attracted to are Jewish or not.
— Complaining that other mind bogglingly racist websites aren’t racist enough for them.
— Throwing out Democratic Underground style conspiracy theories.
— Coming across like school girls with a crush when they talk about Hitler and the Nazis.
— Raging about race mixing and blacks.
— Ranting about Jews.
— More ranting about Jews.
— Did I mention that they really don’t like Jews?

The only thing that’s new to me is that the dislike of Bush on these sort of websites has now grown into a full-blown loathing. A lot of these white power freaks are socialists anyway and if there were an anti-Israeli nominee from the left running for President, they’d vote for him en masse. For example, if Howard “it’s not our place to take sides” Dean would have been the nominee, he probably would have carried 75% of the white nationalist vote. I even included a few quotes this time to show you what I’m talking about.

But enough talk, it’s now time to take another hair raising journey into the dark side of the internet. That’s right it’s for another edition of ACPOTI (Anyone can post on the internet). Let’s get to it…

This loopy post from “Super Moderator” Georgie could have come right off the Democratic Underground,

Georgie: To make things easier on yourself…

9/11 was done BY and FOR the United States Government. You can be rest assured that there is no such thing as “Al-Qaeda” but only a good relationship between the U.S. government and the media outlets so they can propose this idea of a raghead group trying to destroy America.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that the U.S. government has Osama bin Laden somewhere in captivity and is waiting for the right moment to release him so that President Bush will get re-elected no matter what.

Like I said, if these guys could keep their racist opinions to themselves for 5 seconds they’d fit right in at the DU,

Spengler: Quote:
Originally Posted by heaven above
Nah, jews are usually quite clever. That of course lets DUBYA out, sort of, doesn’t it ?

OUCH!!! To compare Dubya’s intellect to a Jew is insulting to Jews. I think you’re one of those filthy anti-semites I’ve seen on 20/20!

Uh Oh! Someone called “Billy Bob” accused Wes Clark of being a Jew! Apparently “them’s fighting words” on a white supremacist forum and he and “superiorman” were going back forth in the way that only Nazi loving freaks can…

superiorman: Quote:
Originally Posted by Billy Bob
PERHAPS YOU ARE A [email protected] AS WELL AS A K*KE!

My Mother is VIRGIN WHITE compared to SH*T-SKINNED N*GGERS, who can’t take a joke, LIKE YOU!

Lighten Up K*KE!!

Is HE your LOVER or something!



I think this guy must have been reading Noam Chomsky inbetween Klan rallies…

Leeb: This may be besides the point, but why shouldn’t Iraq have had weapons of mass destruction to defend themselves against the U.S.?

Ironworker explains his…ehr…bizarre, odd, I’m not sure exactly what you’d call them, racist theories about Greeks and Italians…

IronWorker: Italians are half-n*gger.

This is seen in their black hair and also from the Italians criminal behavior (The Mafia)

Both traits inherited from n*ggers.

Greeks are half-n*gger.

This is seen in the Greeks historical engagment in anal sex.

This trait was inherited from n*ggers also. (look at n*gger kobe bryant engaging in anal rape with that one White girl in Colorado)

This guy buys into “blame everything on the Jews” school of thought that’s so popular in the Middle-East today…

MartinLindstedt: …The loss of the ‘militia momentum’ was precisely why ZOG staged the OKC Bombing. A bunch of us met in Springfield the Saturday afterwards all pissed off that now according to the jewsmedia we were now ‘mad bombers.’ Nothing we could do about it, though, except keep fighting. They were in the same boat that I was in for giving a talmudvision interview and saying ZOG did it.

…Of course, I still am banned from all of the militia jewhoogruppen and the misc.activism.militia usegroup because of my racism and CONstitutional disparagement. Of course I stopped publishing a Web’zine about the ‘Modern Militiaman’ because there really was no such thing left after Y2Kaos went bust.

We live in Revolutionary times. Those who weren’t able or willing to be ‘extremists’ had no reason to keep on in the face of hostile ZOG sheep. They faded away into irrelevance. Only those on one side or another are relevant — the rest of the herd is simply hostage to fortune, none of it good. That’s why I like VNN and this forum, it’s not willing to compromise until ZOG is dead.

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