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Advertisement For 4ranters: 4ranters – A site for anyone to publish and read articles, editorials, rants, or essays on a variety of topics. Contributors will receive full credit, including their name, e-mail, or website. Read articles, review them, comment on them, debate, flame them, and more. Each article has its own page, and forms for users to rate them and post replies. Articles are stored in a fully searchable database. Topics are not limited to politics, economics, and social issues. Come chat in our forum for further general discussion.

Articles need not be professional quality, but we do require a minimum of 500 words. Articles should also have some thought put into them, and should not reek of grammar and spelling errors. We do not care what your views are, or how biased or skewed your perspective is. No censorship. If you have a rant, send it in. For each article on our page, people can freely comment and discuss
these articles. Whether it is praise, a formal debate, or all out flaming. Ratings can also be given to the articles, and they will be ranked.

4ranters was started with the intent of creating a site for people to discuss and share their opinions and rants, no matter what their views, or what topic. People can come to read articles and more on various subjects, and discuss controversial issues and current events. Our goal is to make this a top site for online discussions and debates, in other words – the place to rant and discuss your views on the Net.

This site depends upon your articles and thoughts. Don’t have any articles or hate writing them? Then come read some of our current articles and discuss them, or sign up for our forums for more discussion. Any viewpoints accepted, but conservative and libertarian views are appreciated. Visit 4ranters now and start posting!

4ranters – A place for amateur (and experienced) writers to have their voices heard. A permanent home for your rants and discussions and more.

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