Affirmative Action Lives On

Affirmative Action Lives On: The Supreme Court rendered its decision in the Michigan Affirmative Action case today and it was a split decision. While the SCOTUS did shoot “down a point system used by the University of Michigan’s undergraduate programs” they refused to accept the obvious, that Affirmative Action violates the, “Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” How you can discriminate against one person in favor of another based on race and then claim that the victim has not been denied, “equal protection of the laws” is beyond me.

Despite the fact that Affirmative Action was barely scathed by this ruling, the Democratic candidates for President had a fit. Dick Gephardt got so upset that he for all intents and purposes promised to bypass the Constitution and overrule the judicial branch if they disagreed with him…

“When I’m president, we’ll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day.”

I find it highly amusing that Democrats who shout “brown shirt” & “1984” at the slightest provocation aren’t even batting an eye at Dick Gephardt threatening to ride roughshod over the Supreme Court unless the toe they Democratic Party line. John Kerry weighed in as well…

“We deserve a president of the United States who doesn’t call fairness for minorities special preferences and then turn around and give special preferences to Halliburton or to Enron to write the energy policy.”

Let’s be totally honest here — Affirmative Action isn’t “fairness for minorities”, it’s institutionalized racial discrimination against white people and it is just as morally repugnant as Jim Crow laws were even though in all fairness it has nowhere near the same level of impact. It’s too bad that there so many Americans who support racist policies as long as they’re aimed at the right race.

If the supporters of Affirmative Action believed in rewarding people based on merit instead of on the color of their skin, our country would be much better off. Instead we live in a bizarro world where Conservatives who believe in a color blind world are called racists by liberals who believe in discriminating against people based on skin color. That may be twisted, but until justice is done and Affirmative Action is ended once and for all, that’s the reality we’ll have to live with.

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