AGW Today: Spiritual, Herons, Food Crisis


But perhaps a spiritual response is also needed to global warming — to provide the inner strength necessary to face and combat the worst effects that are to come from the Earth’s erratically changing climate. You don’t have to go to a church, synagogue or temple to be “spiritual” (although it doesn’t often hurt). Spirituality can be broadly defined as the attempt to respond meaningfully to life’s existential challenges.

Perhaps it can provide a means for those who say Man is mostly or solely responsible for global warming to actually walk the walk, instead of just yammering away.


The birth of white herons at wildlife park is proof of global warming say conservation experts.

Staff at Wildwood say climate change has warmed Britain’s climate so much that it is now suitable for little egrets to breed.

Wait a sec: wouldn’t increased breading be a good thing? I’d be more impressed if the story wasn’t actually plagiarizing Wikipedia (paragraphs 7-10)

Food crisis

AMSTERDAM — The global food crisis will only worsen because of climate change, the UN climate chief said Friday, urging leaders of the world’s richest countries meeting in Japan next week to set goals to reduce carbon emissions within the next dozen years.

What we really need is some good global cooling to reduce the growing seasons and available land! That’d help!

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