Air America’s Mike Malloy: “You’ve Got Muslims In New Jersey. Why Not Go Kill Some?”

Here’s (now fired) Air America host, Mike Malloy, filling in for Randi Rhodes on August 28, (about 3/4’s of the way through the show):

Mike: Ray is calling from New Jersey. Welcome to the program. Thanks for holding on.

Ray: Hi Michael.

Mike: Hey.

Ray: You were asking for a conservative or a bush supporter to call so I just thought I’d call.

Mike: Well, thanks. Have a great day. What are you calling about?

Ray: Well, I support the president and I’m thankful there’s a conservative in the white house during these times when terrorists want to kill us because we’re not Muslim.

Mike: Wow. Is that why they hate us? Because we’re not Muslims?

Ray: Well, those two guys, they had guns held to their, the two reporters, the cameramen? They had guns held to their heads. Were sworn to change their religion to be set free or they would have been killed. Is that what we’re up against here?

Mike: I guess so. It’s a terrible world. Thank god George Bush is in power to stop that sort of thing from happening. Right?

Ray: Don’t you think we should get them before they get us?

Mike: Oh yeah, that makes sense. Let’s go kill…I’ll tell you what. Where do you live? You live in New Jersey, Ray?

Ray: Yeah, I live in..

Mike: Are there any Muslims in New Jersey?

Ray: I’m sure that there are.

Mike: Okay, why don’t you find some and kill them?

Ray: I’m in the northeast area in New Jersey.

Mike: Frankly I don’t care where you live in New Jersey. I’m just saying, next time you see a Muslim why not blow, why not kill him?

Ray: ha. Why is the liberal thing…

Mike: Ray, Ray, Ray, I have a question for you. Answer the question or I’m gonna leap through the phone and rip your ears off. Here’s the question, Ray. Why not go kill a Muslim? Don’t leave it up to the soldiers, don’t leave it up to the middle east. You’ve got Muslims in New Jersey. Why not go kill some?

Ray: Cause some liberal attorney will lock me up.

Mike: No, no no, Ray, answer the question. Are you going to do one of these cowardly republican right-wing things on me. Let me ask you something, since you can’t answer that question…shut up!

(and the conversation goes on for a few more seconds before Mike hangs up on him)

So, here we have a liberal radio host, who apparently can’t even figure out the difference between someone like Osama Bin Laden wanting to kill us for not being Muslims and the patriotic Muslim American down the block. Because of that, he’s challenging a listener to murder a Muslim in cold blood. Then, when the listener quite naturally balks at Malloy’s insane suggestion, Malloy describes it as, “one of these cowardly republican right-wing things.” I guess in Malloy’s world, you’re a chickenhawk if you believe in fighting against terrorism, but don’t approve of slaughtering the first person you see walking out of a mosque.

PS: I ran across this story at the Democratic Underground. Newsflash: when people at the Democratic Underground think you’re an extremist, you’re really out there.

PS #2: Malloy was “mysteriously” fired on August 30. This would seem to provide an explanation for that.

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