Al Qaeda Says It’ll Use

Al Qaeda Says It’ll Use Chem, Bio Weapons: According to Fox News, here is a word for word warning from al-Queda….

“We have the right to kill four million Americans, including one million children,” and it says, “we have the right to fight them by chemical and biological weapons so they catch the fatal and unusual diseases Muslims have caught due to U.S. chemical and biological weapons.”

Now take that threat in concert with the recent news that Al-Queda had plans to detonate a dirty bomb in the US and the highly suspicious outbreak of smallpox in Pakistan. We also know these guys had rudimentary biological weapons labs in Afghanistan and there are dictators out there like Saddam Hussein who would be only too happy to secretly provide al-Queda with biological or chemical weapons. So what’s the point of this mini-rant?

The point is that when al-Queda says they have the “right to kill four million Americans”, that means they’re serious about it and they’re not just blowing off steam. Al-Queda is willing, capable, and ready to murder MILLIONS of Americans if we don’t stop them.

So you know what I say to people who want us to sit on our hands? You know what I say to pacifists who say “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” and “violence never solves anything?” I say that when there are psychopaths who want to murder millions of Americans and every indication seems to be that they may be able to pull it off, saying that we shouldn’t be willing to fight to stop them is immoral and wrong. Saying that we shouldn’t hit Iraq and shouldn’t be willing to do whatever it takes to stop al-Queda, the other terrorist organizations out there, and the regimes that support them is in reality the equivalent of saying “I want millions of Americans to die.” At this point, it’s simply a race against time. Either we wipe put the terrorists and the regimes that support us or the body count hits 7 figures in the US. To argue against getting rid of the terrorists is in effect no different than arguing that you want to see millions dead. That’s reality, whether the moral equivalence crowd or the pacifists, like it or not.

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