Albright Blasts Bush Foreign Policy:

Albright Blasts Bush Foreign Policy: You know we constantly have criticism being leveled at the Bush administration’s foreign policy by Madeline Albright, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.

Jimmy Carter wants us to take the embargo off of Cuba. But, if thinks that’s such a great idea, why didn’t he do that during HIS administration? Also keep in mind that Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy was an unmitigated disaster. He let the military become abysmally weak, was afraid to take on the Soviets, was incapable of dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis, and gave away the Panama Canal. So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t put much stock in his advice.

The Clinton team wasn’t much better. The whole “Blackhawk Down” debacle took place under Clinton and Albright’s watchful eye. Worse yet, the Clinton administration was offered Osama Bin Laden in 1997 by Sudan and said “no.” I could also go into the Clinton admin’s response to terrorism which mainly consisted of arresting a handful of people and firing missiles into a half-empty camp in Afghanistan and a Sudanese aspirin factory. It’s also worth nothing that the current intifada started under the Clinton administration as well.

Now consider what Bush has accomplished so far. He’s responded to the 9/11 attacks effectively by replacing the Taliban and putting al-Queda on the run. Pakistan has largely flipped on the terrorists inside of their borders while Sudan, Georgia, Somalia, Yemen and to a lesser extent even Cuba and Libya are cooperating with us. We’ve also made historic gains in our relationship with Russia. So maybe Albright, Carter, and Clinton should keep in mind that Bush has already accomplished more on the foreign policy front in just over a year than they did combined in their 12 years in office. That puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

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