Althouse: “Are Handguns a Feminist Issue?”

Yeah, Professor: I do agree that when Scalia discussed the virtues of handguns over longarms for those with less upper-body strength, he probably had women in mind, along with the elderly and disabled. But the Kool-Aid consumed by orthodox feminist groups—and even readers of mainstream women’s magazines, such as Family Circle and Women’s Day—is powerful stuff: we have been told repeatedly for years and years that merely having a gun in the house puts us and our children in danger, and that handguns are terribly easy for potential attackers to turn against us. Because, you see, they often have greater upper body strength.

For more of the nonsense we’ve been reading about for decades about how women are “armed and in danger,” skim through this discussion thread over at McArdle’s place, and find those juicy bits that display how egregiously the gun-grabbers have been “lying with statistics” to women for years.

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