America, Don’t Go Wobbly On Iraq

There are those who say we can’t help Iraq become a Democracy; they’re wrong. They say we should pull out; they’re mistaken. They claim it’s pointless to continue, but they have no sense of history or perspective.

To those who say…

A lot of Iraqis have soured on the occupation and don’t like American troops!: Gee, I wonder how popular American troops were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki a year after we dropped nukes on them? How about in Dresden where we, along with along with the British, firebombed the city and killed 30,000 people? Yet, even though we weren’t loved, we still made it work. Certainly, our troops today can do the same thing in a country like Iraq, where our soldiers are dealing with a population that is for the most part, at least grateful to us for removing Saddam. (Cont)

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