America Isn’t Free Unless We Can SprayPaint A Black Dot On Your Property

Michele at A Small Victory points out a bit left-wing idiocy from the anti-capitalist goofballs at Adbusters.

It seems the fine folks at Adbusters have a new advertising campaign called “Unbrand America?” What is that you ask? The whole point of it is to smear product advertisements they don’t like with a big black dot. They’re even running an ad on CNN — which is pretty ironic if you think about it. Here are a bunch of ultra-leftists who rail on incessantly about the evils of commercialism and they’re buying a TV spot on CNN to get their views out there.

Moreover, I know to that to these cretins, slapping a black dot on someone else’s property is some sort of subversive and brilliant statement, but to 90% of the American public it’s just graffiti, no different than the sort of stuff all those juvenile delinquent taggers slap up wherever they can find a blank space. So who is Adbusters trying to persuade, who are they trying to reach? A bunch of 15 year old “rebels” who think being radical is all about how they dress or a bunch or hippies who are still trapped in the sixties who think every war is Vietnam and every Republican President is Richard Nixon?

Moreover, can you imagine the reaction if some radio talk show host called for his listeners to go into stores and deface the print copies of Adbusters? Do you think their attitude would be, “well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s only fair that they do it to us too” or “OMG! Our DISSENT IS BEING SQUASHED! Brown Shirts! Nazis! We demand law enforcement look into this! It’s the Third Reich all over again!” Yeah, I think you know about what it would be like.

In the end, you have to figure that these sorts of ridiculous stunts actually drive people away from the left on the whole, so I suppose in a sense it’s not all bad. It actually reminds me of the build-up to the Iraq war when you had the right explaining their positions and winning over the American public and the left waving “war for oil” placards and wearing giant puppet heads in the street and then wondering why no one took them seriously.But how silly is political discourse becoming on the left when you have people vandalizing other people’s property and believing that they’re making some sort of profound statement? It’s pathetic really and it’s too bad that more people on the left aren’t willing to say so…

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