America? Peweee! But France, How Could Anyone Not Like France?

Popular left-winger blogger Matthew Yglesias takes note of an anti-French book advertised at National Review and opines that:

“I don’t even know what this obsession with France-bashing is supposed to be about at this point. During early 2003 it was a useful way to distract the public from the serious questions being raised about the advisability of invading Iraq by stigmatizing all opposition to the war as objectively pro-French (and, of course, pro-Saddam), but there doesn’t even seem to be a cynical purpose to it at this point. It’s just the descent of conservatism into pure ressentiment (a French word, yes, but it comes to us in English through the German Nietzsche, so…) divorced from any real aims.”

This is Hilarious AND ironic!

If you ask a liberal to expound on what’s wrong with America, they can reel off an endless litany of complaints. Heck, the “Blame American first” mentality is so entrenched on the left that some of them, like Noam Chomsky, can even make a comfortable living off of kvetching about America.

Yet, the idea that conservatives might be as hostile to France as many liberals are to America is so fantastic to Yglesias that he seems unable to comprehend it. Either it must be part of some sort of stratagem or it’s just an irrational dislike that could have no basis in reality.

Loathing America, liberals get — but getting angry at a treacherous, anti-American nation, that views us as rivals and undercuts us at every turn — that, they don’t understand…

Here are a couple of columns from Clifford D. May & Jonah Goldberg that expand a bit on why so many conservatives don’t like France.

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