An Abortion That Turned Into Murder

From World Magazine:

“Police and prosecutors in Hialeah, Fla., are investigating an abortion clinic incident that has all the markings of murder. On the morning of July 20, an 18-year-old girl walked into the A Gyn Diagnostics Center to abort her baby at 23 weeks. She had received medication to dilate her cervix the night before. By that afternoon, however, the clinic abortionist, Frantz Bazile, had not shown up for work.

The girl delivered her baby, alive, moving, and trying to breathe. Clinic worker Belkis Gonzalez then allegedly cut the umbilical cord, stuffed the wriggling, gasping baby into a biohazard bag, and sealed the bag shut.

That is the story the baby’s mother and at least one other witness told investigators, according to Hialeah Deputy Police Chief Mark Overton. The day the baby was born, police received a tip and searched the clinic, but found no body. Nine days later, acting on another tip, police searched A Gyn again. This time they found the infant, still in the biohazard bag, unrefrigerated and badly decomposed.

“This was a live birth. It wasn’t an abortion or a botched abortion,” Overton said. “We have a hospital within five minutes of that location and [Gonzalez] could have got that baby some help.”

There will be charges, Overton said.”

This just goes to show you the hypocrisy behind not treating abortion like that what it is, murder.

We may gasp at the cruelty of taking a “wriggling” baby, stuffing it into a biohazard bag, and watching it slowly suffocate to death. But, if the abortionist had shown up on time, cut that same “wriggling” baby to pieces with surgical tools, crushed the child’s tiny skull like an eggplant, and then vacuumed the grisly remains out and stuffed the remains into a biohazard bag, the baby would be every bit as dead.

This is why abortion should be illegal: because there is no meaningful difference between suffocating a baby outside the womb in a plastic bag or dismembering the exact same child inside the womb.

Hat tip to annavenger for the story.

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