An Amazing Theory Regarding Jesse Jackson’s Nasty Remarks

How perceptive of Jesse Jackson to notice that the arrogant Affirmative Action post turtle Barack Hussein Obama has been “talking down” to black people — just like he’s been talking down to everyone else. Obammunists are advised not to blame Jackson for rather crudely expressing his jealous wish to castrate the Obamessiah. As the folks at Democratic Underground will tell you, the whole episode was the fault of Fox News — unless of course it was all cleverly staged by Jackson. Gibbers a DUmmie named KharmaTrain:

Part of me thinks Jesse could be playing this for a “Sistah Soljah” moment for Obama. His son is a big wheel inside Camp Obama. Obama has been taking a lot of heat lately from the bigots and this could take their hatred and direct it in another direction…going after an old favorite target. Jesse knew where he was sitting and maybe he’s taking one for the team. It also shows, once again, for the majority who are tuned off on this network, how racist they, and repugnican, are.

It seems the wise and benevolent extortionist Jesse Jackass played those racist repugnicans at Faux News like a violin.

jesse jackson
Maybe the Secret Service should confiscate his straight razor, just in case.

On tips from Dwaine and Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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