An Interview With Matt Sanchez

Matt Sanchez guest posts at Right Wing News and has been embedded in Afghanistan and Iraq. This interview with him was done via email.

…(A)fter winning the Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award at CPAC, (you had) liberal blogs reveal that you did gay porn and — they claimed — gay prostitution. You have admitted that you’ve done gay porn. What about gay prostitution?

First off. I NEVER participated in gay prostitution.

I never participated in prostitution of any sort, but I will confess that I did feel like a disgruntled john after voting for Hillary Clinton in 2000.

First of all, how do you feel about your former lifestyle?

In those days I was very much a rebellious Libertarian. Porn was a no-brainer way of sticking the middle-finger at what I knew to be a hypocritical society. Porn was legal, it was marginal, edgy and I figured it would anger all the right people.

Several years later I’ve been proven correct.

Once your past came out, what kind of reaction did you receive from conservatives?

Conservatives have a strong Libertarian branch and recognize the intrinsic value of a human being beyond image. This is why conservatives will always choose substance over silliness. Ronald Reagan over Ron Paul.

In my case, Conservatives eventually extended a hand: Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Neil Cavuto, Kevin McCullough, Lisa DiPasquale, and even Joseph Farah over at Worldnetdaily.

Was that what you expected?

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got was more support and interest than I ever deserved.

Now, I’m concerned how Conservatives will treat me after revealing that I voted for Hillary in 2000. That’s actually more embarrassing than films like Tijuana Toilet Tramps.

Now, since then, you’ve been embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan. First off, tell us a little bit about your time in Iraq and how you think things are going there.

In Iraq, the media tried pulling off a coup attempt, by cooking the coverage. I understand performance is an element of the news, but these people were just flat out hamming it up for the cameras.

Iraq is a country the size of California with a population as large as Canada’s. On any given day things happen–very ugly things happen. Iraq was under a coordinated assault by Islamofascists who terrorized the country after the fall of Saddam. What the media showed was a one-sided military drama about how directionless the conflict was, while completely downplaying the actions and motives of the enemy.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the coverage has changed, because of great independent reporting. Iraq had an average of only 30 western reporters from 2005 through 2007. The country is the size of California, but even less media interest than Brian Depalma’s hit Redacted.

When people like Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Bill Roggio, JD Johannes, Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity et al showed a more in-depth view, it challenged the media monopoly. The internet and talk radio played a HUGE role in this.

Thanks to eyes on the ground reporting, spin, like Thomas Scott Beauchamp, was challenged and debunked. That entire liberal soap opera would have stood unchallenged, a bit like how the McCarthyism myth has largely stood unchallenged.

Ok, now tell us about your time in Afghanistan and how you think things are going there.

The media is trying using the same playbook in Afghanistan. I just got back from covering an air assault in the Musa Qala district in southern Afghanistan, a former Taliban stronghold.

This is a hotspot in British battle space, that the Brits ceded to the Taliban, because they apparently wanted to avoid casualties. The Taliban fortified their positions and carried out several successful attacks on British and American forces. The situation finally became intolerable and coalition forces just went in on a cordon and sweep operation.

Afghanistan will eventually be fine, but the world needs to understand that a small backwards country, if left unchecked, can not only flood the free world with heroin, but can also be a breeding ground for international terrorism.

That’s why the economy is so important.

The only difference between Tora Bora and Hollywood, is that Tinseltown earns money for the fairy tales they make up. The Taliban tells tall tales and gets fanatics as followers and push drug consumption.

On second thought, there are lots of similarities, except Liberals would probably force men to wear the Burkas.

The Marine Corps has reportedly been investigating you. Has that investigation been completed and if so, what were the results of it?

The Corps principally investigated an allegation that I had “solicited funds from U-Haul for a future deployment.” This was a ridiculous joke allegation against me by a veterans’ group in New York that eventually came under financial scrutiny itself and reportedly no longer exists.

The Marine Colonel Charles Jones eventually called the allegations, a “misunderstanding“. My lawyer likes to call that “misunderstanding” grounds for a lawsuit.

Investigation is over, Marines are known for efficiency. I’m going to “cut and paste” the results:

Major Amy N. Thomas, USMC
Defense Counsel

Thomas Maj Amy to me
show details
Sep 7 Cpl Sanchez,

To date there is no pending Marine Corps action, punitive or otherwise. Col (Charles A.) Jones’ investigation states “I conclude that the questions over deployment and fund solicitation were misunderstandings, not misrepresentations. All parties were acting in good faith.” Therefore, as to this topic, there really isn’t anything further to discuss.

That was that, like the avian bird flu or a film starring Brad Pitt, a lot of threats and flashy ads but a total flop.

Incidentally, do you agree with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy or do you believe gays should be able to serve openly in the military?

General Order #1 prohibits sex and pornography in a combat zone for multiple deployments of up to 15 months. Fortunately, the military frowns on that whole lisping and snapping thing, no one shines boots anymore and the term “drilling” means something entirely different in the Marine Corps.

I’m not sure how many homosexuals are willing to sacrifice (sex) and an entire season of “Ugly Betty.” But it doesn’t look good, every gay activist has waived a white flag on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell quagmire.

Personally, I’d settle for gays serving, if Congressman John Murtha would stop outing himself as a Marine….

You can read more of Matt Sanchez’s work here, at his website.

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