An Outbreak Of RINOitis in Virginia

What in the world is going on in Virginia?

“Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) rejected an increase in gas taxes to pay for transportation improvements, prompting a leading Republican ally in the Senate to accuse the governor Tuesday of pandering to national anxiety about rising fuel prices.

On Washington Post Radio’s “Ask the Governor” program, Kaine said “the right way to solve this problem is to do it without a gas tax.”

Senate Transportation Chairman Martin E. Williams (R-Newport News) said he was “sickened” by Kaine’s comments. They were “a wimp-out,” he said, which would undermine the Senate’s support for a tax of 6 cents a gallon on terminal operators and would give comfort to Republicans in the House of Delegates, who have refused to accept tax increases to pay for transportation improvements.”

With gas prices absolutely soaring out of sight, could there possibly be a worse time to add on a new gas tax? Yet, we have a DEMOCRATIC Governor doing the right thing and promising to veto the tax as a REPUBLICAN is flipping out about it.

You know, Bush Derangement Syndrome has been much discussed, but these outbreaks of RINOitis are getting to be almost as bad of a problem. On the upside for the left, by 2009 or so, their BDS problems should start to die down, but RINOitis is like the common cold: there appears to be no cure on the horizon.

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