Andy Rooney Longs For A UN Overlord

As I was reading a brilliant fisking of Andy Rooney, a particular quote that Rooney uttered caught my eye. I included the whole paragraph so you wouldn’t suspect that I was taking out of context. The emphasis is mine…

‘To begin with, we should change our attitude toward the United Nations. There has to be some power in the world superior to our own – for our own sake. Iraq isn’t our problem. It’s the world’s problem.

You know, it might have slipped Andy’s mind, but there used to be a power in the world superior to our own — even here in America. That was Britain. As I’m sure all of RWN’s readers are well aware, our forefathers weren’t happy with how that superior power treated us and we had a little dustup called the American Revolution over it. If you think things would be any better under the UN, I believe you’re mistaken.

You see, a lot of people, probably Andy Rooney included, believe that one day we’re going to have one world government that rules all nations. When that days comes, they hope that government will insure peace, tranquility, and that we will all act more like the characters from Star Trek than real human beings. However, after reading the history of our species, I’ve come to the conclusion that if there’s one world government, it’ll be because one nation achieves overwhelming military superiority and pins every other nation beneath an iron boot.

While I would steadfastly oppose Lady Liberty sliding her foot into that iron boot, I like the idea of keeping our nation so strong, so burly, so unconquerable that no other nation or organization will EVER tell this country what to do again the way the British ordered around our ancestors. From the Founding Fathers on, Americans have shed their blood to keep our country free and under no circumstances imaginable should we ever give up our sovereignty to any other nation or organization, especially the UN. Our freedom is too precious for that…

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