Announcing Big Changes At RWN

As RWN’s regular readers are well aware, Right Wing News now has a regular crew of guest bloggers posting on the week-ends.

Well, I’ve been pleased with how that has turned out and partially as a result of that, I’ve decided to bring on some regular guest bloggers for RWN M-F. By bringing on these new bloggers, I’ll be able to deliver more content for you, better content, and more content updates throughout the day.

So, to begin with, I reached out to Dr. Melissa Clouthier. Melissa is a friend of mine and I’ve particularly come to admire her articles on politics, cultural issues, and psychology. She’s a very talented writer and will be a great addition.

Next, I brought my buddy E.M. Zanotti from the American Princess and The Corner onto team RWN. Nobody in the blogosphere is better at writing snark, especially snark about liberals and celebrities, than E.M.

Both Melissa and E.M. will now be posting every day, M-F, on RWN.

Additionally, after talking with a number of my sources in Congress, I will have an anonymous congressional aide who is going to be writing for RWN intermittently during the week. This person has some fascinating insights about the inside baseball in Congress and the state of the Republican Party that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Moreover, I am in talks with some other bloggers about coming on board with RWN and there is yet another redesign in the works. So, if you like RWN now, get ready, because it’s about to get even better — and if you don’t like RWN, well, you probably still won’t like it — chump!

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