Anorexic Sues Cooking Show

The deranged lawsuit of the day has been brought by Aaron Ferguson, a former accountant for Rachael Ray’s TV cooking show, who as an anorexic is demanding $1 million because Ms. Ray is allegedly hostile to his kind.

According to court papers, Ray committed such unconscionable acts as stating that anorexics, who suffer from a potentially life-threatening personality disorder, “are sick in the head.”

Ferguson’s enterprising suit could serve as an inspiration for anyone who wants to get something for nothing at someone else’s expense. Not all of us have the good fortune to belong to politically favored ethnic groups, or are willing to proclaim themselves to be homosexuals. But with a little creativity, anyone can climb aboard moonbattery’s gravy train by claiming to belong to an oppressed minority.

She looks nice enough, but she oppresses Anorexic-Americans.

On a tip from HoosierArmyMom. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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