Another author charged with “Islamophobia” fights back

A few years back, Howard Rotberg was launching his new novel, The Second Catastrophe at a local bookstore.

Some Muslim hecklers brought the event to a premature halt.

Rotberg says a bookstore employee wearing a hijab did nothing to stop their outbursts.

Then the bookstore chain issued a press release to the Toronto Star and other dailies, claiming that the Muslims AND Rotberg had uttered racist remarks during the incident.

Rotberg produced affadavits to the contrary, sworn out by local professors and other audience members, stating that the only racist (actually, anti-semitic) remarks had been uttered by the Muslim beligerents in the crowd. The bookstore chain shrugged.

So Howard Rotberg did something almost unheard of in the recent annals of Canadian authors vs. Muslim beligerents and their apologists, who hurl “racism” charges and disrupt their lives and business…

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