Another Break Given To An Illegal Alien, Another American Dead

Given how they come into our country in the first place, it’s hardly surprising that so many illegal aliens turn out to be criminals. In fact, illegals commit so much crime in this country that they constitute 25% of the federal prison population. Just think about how Americans have been raped, robbed, and murdered simply because we refuse to control the borders…it’s staggering.

The latest example of an American who’s now dead because we don’t enforce our immigration laws is Danny Sims, who was killed on a road I used to regularly drive down every day at one point when I used to be a Charlottean,

“An illegal immigrant faces multiple charges after police say he hit and killed a pedestrian in east Charlotte and then left the scene.

Luciano Melendres, 30, is charged with felony hit-and-run, driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license, driving without liability insurance and driving with fictitious tags.

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Officers say Melendres, a native of Mexico, hit and killed 32-year-old Danny Sims while he was crossing Albemarle Road near Farm Pond Lane around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. They say Melendres fled the scene in a green Ford Expedition, but a witness called 911 as she followed the sport utility vehicle and directed officers to a home on Jason’s Forest Drive, just two miles from the crash scene. Police arrested Melendres a short time later.

Melendres was just convicted last week on a DWI charge from a March 16, 2006, incident. He was sentenced to probation, alcohol assessment and treatment and community service and was ordered to pay court costs and have a breathalyzer device installed on his vehicle. Police said they didn’t find the device during an initial look inside.”

Now you can try to deflect attention away from the fact that an illegal immigrant did this any way you want, but here’s the reality:

#1) If Luciano Melendres were back home in Mexico where he belonged, instead of in this country illegally, Danny Sims would be alive today.

#2) If Luciano Melendres had been deported after he was caught driving while intoxicated, Danny Sims would be alive.

Danny Sims is dead today because his government failed to enforce our borders and his government failed to deport a drunken illegal alien who was driving around the streets of Charlotte. In other words, Danny Sims is dead because his government failed him.

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