Another Item On The Democratic Agenda: Reparations

As we learned from prominent liberal blogger Atrios, the left wants to make it easier to get an abortion, raise taxes, promote gay marriage — and he believes we should be a little nicer to captured terrorists, darn it!

As we also know, the left is just dying to cut and run in Iraq, they want to stand aside and allow Iran to acquire nukes, and oooh….they just shiver with pleasure at the thought of spending the next two years trying to impeach President Bush for…it really doesn’t matter, anything will do.

But, there’s one more key piece of the agenda we can’t forget about: reparations for slavery. It seems that John Conyers is just chomping at the bit to start taking away tax dollars from people who never owned slaves so that it can be given to people who were never slaves in order to make up for how slaves were treated 140 years ago. That makes perfect sense, right?

Anyway, via Newsmax, here’s Conyers’ wacky plan:

“The left wing Democrat who will become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if his party wins back Congress in November wants to hold full blown congressional hearings on whether the government should pay African Americans reparations for slavery.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers has attracted attention in recent months for his House resolution calling for an impeachment investigation against President Bush.

But another Conyers cause-celeb is reparations, which he’s been advocating since 1989, when he first introduced legislation to establish what he calls, “The Commission to Study Reparations Proposals for African American Act.” ( H.R. 40)”

Reparations, gay marriage, open borders, impeachment, higher taxes, running a kinder and gentler war police action against terrorists militants…gee, why do so many people think that having the Democrats in power would be a disaster for America?

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