Another Lame Apology From One Of Obama’s Preachers By Betsy Newmark

This line from Father Pfleger’s pseudo-apology for his rant against Hillary Clinton and white folk really jumped out at me.

But during a mass Sunday at St. Sabina, the priest struck an unusually contrite and cautious tone when appealing to his congregation for forgiveness. Pfleger said the last week had been the most painful of his life, even more so than the shooting death of his foster son Jarvis in 1998. Because he had received more than 3,000 e-mails of “hate, threats and name-calling,” he said, the security guards who often flank Pfleger even kept parishioners at a distance as an extra show of caution. (emphasis added)

What kind of narcissist equates the public obloquy he is facing for his own words with the death of a foster son?

Gateway Pundit has the most concise summary of what is wrong with how these guys approach their moments of sunlight in the political sphere.

Are we starting to see a pattern?

— Preacher spouts off racist & hateful anti-white attacks from the Trinity altar.

— Hate-filled “sermon” make headlines from Sioux City, Iowa to Sunshine, Florida.

— Preacher says he has been victimized, that the media used “snippets”

— We all get lectured that we need to have a “discussion on race.”

— Blah… Blah… Blah…

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