Another “Peace Conference” In Annapolis. Oh Joy!

There’s another big Middle-Eastern peace conference underway that features Israel negotiating for peace with a guy (Abbas) who can’t deliver it or, for that matter, offer them anything of value whatsoever.

Just to emphasize how insane the whole process is from Israel’s point of view, Hamas, which controls half of the disputed territories isn’t participating and Palestinian terrorist groups have announced that they’re going to fire missiles at Israel during the peace conference.

The sad reality is that no matter what agreements are signed, peace isn’t around the corner, because the Palestinians aren’t offering it and there isn’t a single soul or a group amongst them capable of delivering it even if they were.

PS: The really scary thing here isn’t that a deal might not be reached, it’s that Bush and Olmert are both unpopular and might be willing to see Israel make some sort of horrible deal if they believe it will improve their political fortunes.

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