Another Rant: First, It Was Fat, Now, It’s Intelligent Black Men

Here’s an email I received today. It was one line and summed up the Left quite nicely, so I thought I’d share:

“It’s hillarious how terrified all you right wingnuts are of an intelligent, black man!”

Yes, well, it’s hilarious how liberals can’t find their spell-checker, but I digress. Here is my response to this nonsense:

It’s hilarious how sensitive leftists are when black men are criticized for the content of their beliefs, ideology, and character. Why, when they’re given the same treatment as white men, they seem to wither under the assault–“they” being the leftists.

I’m friends with and support intelligent, black men and white men and women. Look at my Flickr photos. You’ll find me enthusiastically hugging Michael Steele and he’s really, really black. But you know what? His color or gender doesn’t matter to me. It’s his ideas that I agree with.

When liberals stop whining about skin color and start coming up with worthwhile policy solutions, maybe they’ll get more respect. In the meantime, cling to the notion that wingnuts are racists. It will make you feel better, but it won’t win you elections.

I am so sick of this mindless generalization. Here’s a warning now, again: If Obama loses, it’s not because he espouses socialist policy and couldn’t find the red button if a nuke was sitting on his enormous head courtesy our “friends” in Iran, it’s because he’s black and Americans, especially, wingnuts, are racist.

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