Another RWN Mention On Rush’s Show

I got an email today from someone saying Rush mentioned RWN again today. I only caught part of the show today, so can anyone confirm or deny that RWN was mentioned and give details?

*** Update #1 ***: I spoke with my step-brother, who heard the show today, and he did confirm that Rush mentioned RWN again (How cool is that? To have family listening in when Rush mentioned the show?)

He told me Rush mentioned a different article this time, the “Democrats: Illegal Aliens Who Engage In Burglary, Assault, & Kidnapping? Make Them American Citizens” post that I put up earlier today.

That’s three consecutive shows where Rush has mentioned RWN. It makes me feel like a little kid who got to have three Christmas days in a row instead of one. Although again, I doubt if Rush will see this, thanks again for the mention. It has really been appreciated.

*** Update #2 ***:

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