Another Story That Slipped Under

Another Story That Slipped Under The Radar: Bush’s speech and the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ flap have dominated the news this week to such a degree that other significant stories like Congress’s wobbling on Iraq and Belgium’s decision not to try Ariel Sharon for war crimes have gone largely unnoticed. However, there is another story and a comment from GWB that has also largely escaped notice.

Remember the huge furor over ‘Operation Defensive shield?’ Well, what might as well be called ‘Operation Defensive Shield 2’ has been going on for a while and has drawn little attention…

“An Israeli army bulldozer began destroying a side wall in the besieged Hebron Palestinian headquarters on Friday, the fourth day of a siege, as the Israelis demanded the surrender of gunmen inside.

With Israeli troops controlling seven of the eight main West Bank cities and towns, the Palestinian leadership issued a statement Friday condemning the Israeli incursions into Palestinian areas as “an attempt to sabotage peace efforts.”

Yet the public furor that followed “Operation Defensive Shield” has been totally absent during the operation. That in and of itself is an interesting development. But, George W. Bush also had an interesting quote that would of been the big story of the day if he’d said it say two weeks ago…

“After calling for replacement of the Palestinian leadership in a speech Monday, Bush followed by refusing to rule out U.S. military action against the Palestinians and threatening to cut off aid.

At the G-8 summit, Bush was asked whether his doctrine on terrorism, which leaves open the possibility of U.S. military action against states supporting terrorists, applied to Arafat. “I’m never ruling out military. All options are available,” he said, but added, “the tool I’m using is diplomatic pressure…”

Holy ‘Bush Doctrine’ Batman! This sounds like the W. I remember from late September, 2001 and I like it…

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