Anti-War =’s Anti-Flag?

Anti-War =’s Anti-Flag?: A few college students at Muskingum College “wanted to adorn the entrance to the school’s main building with two dozen American flags to show support for the troops.” But, “Vice President of the Administration Ransom Clark” turned them down even though there were already flags displayed on the school grounds.

In and of itself, I don’t consider that a big deal. Whether they have five flags or fifty flags displayed at Muskingum is no big deal. But, I did find the reason that Clark turned the students who wanted to add more flags down to dubious. According to Clark…

“I was afraid that a major display of American flags would represent a signal if done by the college to those people who are opposing the war that we’re coming down against them.”

Clark wasn’t just pulling this out of thin air either. The article goes on to quote one of the people who are offended by the flag…

“To sophomore Anna-Beth Cohen the flag stands for everything she’s against, a war in Iraq.

She is among those the school is trying not to offend.

“You know with a private institution it’s a good idea for them on such a controversial matter not to take one position or the other.”

First off, if Clark is an educator, why doesn’t he educate some of the ignorant people on and around his campus that believe flying the flag means you’re pro-war? The flag is nothing but a symbol of the United States and flying it is just a way to show support for our country & our troops in the field. Whether you back the war or not, you should at least still be behind our country & be rooting for our boys to win with as little loss of life as possible.

Additionally, if you wonder why the left is constantly derided for not being patriotic enough, incidents like this are why. Anytime you see any sort of patriotic symbol under attack there’s almost always a gaggle of left-wingers
behind it and usually few lefties have anything to say about it.

There should be Conservatives AND Liberals sticking up for the flag in these sorts of situations. But since there aren’t, questions naturally arise about where the left stands on issues like this and they have no one to blame but themselves…

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