Approval of Dem-Controlled Congress Hits Single Digits

Congratulations to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on achieving a remarkable milestone. For the first time in American history, the public’s approval of Congress has fallen to single digits. From Rasmussen, via Drudge:

This month, just 9% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job.

Even the fools who elected our current Congress are disgusted:

The percentage of Democrats who give Congress positive ratings fell from 17% last month to 13% this month.

Encouragingly, independents have an even lower opinion of our Democrat Congress than Republicans do, with 3% and 8%, respectively, offering positive ratings. There are probably more people who believe Elvis is alive than who think Reid and Pelosi are doing an acceptable job.

I’m guessing that Louis XVI and Nicholas II would have scored higher ratings right before they lost their jobs. No government this despised by the populace it exploits can last forever. Yet we’re told that Dems will actually gain seats in November, and that they’ll probably take the White House too, providing a rubber stamp for the policies that fewer than one in 10 Americans has a use for.

Nobody likes them. Yet we’re told they’re inevitable.

On a tip from Conan. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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