Are There People Actually Buying These Things?

There’s a company called Hero Builders that puts out unusual dolls and does custom toys for people. Well, apparently their latest product is hangable Saddam:

Geeze. I mean, I put up a dancing Snoopy when they hung that rotten son of a gun and even I think that’s gauche. Who buys these things and for what purpose? Surely no one is giving toys like this to his kids. Are people setting these things on their desks at work? It seems pretty out there to me.

But, even the Saddam doll doesn’t compare to Dual Head Uday:

Saddam and Uday were enemies of the United States and so I feel no pity when they’re mocked, but I guess I’m just surprised that people are shelling out $24.95 to do it.

PS: Now, something like this, I get as a gag gift:

Imagine sending this to a Daily Kos loving relative or co-worker at Christmas. Cost of the doll, $24.95. The look of anger and disgust on their face when they opened it? Priceless!

Update #1: In the comments section, Gilbertian pointed out the talking Al Gore doll. Heh, heh, heh — sounds just like him:

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