Arm Hair Problems? Really?

So last night, I stop my car at Subway and I’m getting ready to get out and grab dinner, when I hear a commercial that makes me stop in my tracks.

It starts with a woman complaining about how hairy her arms are. Then, she says that she went out on a date and she got so upset thinking about her hairy arms that she had to cut the date short and go home. Next was some sort of pitch for a product that shortened the arm hair, got rid of it, made it less noticeable, something — I went in at this point and wasn’t paying that much attention.

Anyway, this was sort of a head scratcher for me because in my entire life, not only can I never remember looking at a woman’s arms and thinking, “Wow, those are too hairy,” I have never heard another guy say a negative word about a woman’s arm hair.

With that in mind, I did an internet search and, yes, I did find one woman, a famous woman no less, who apparently has this terrible problem. Men, I’m warning you now, shield your eyes from the horror that is…..Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano

Oh, my eyes — ugh, gag, — ugh, yeah sure. Seriously, how many guys are like, “Yeah, she’d be ok — except for the arms?” I’m sure there probably are some, given that this is the internet, and you have people even complaining about sharp knees, but come on — get serious. The truth is, 99% of guys don’t care and won’t even notice arm hair unless you point it out to them.

So, don’t worry about your arm hair…

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