At Times Like This..: There

At Times Like This..: There are just certain times when you shake your head and wonder how the country survives day to day with the group of Democrats we have running things in Congress. As I read that Daschle and company were again blocking drilling in ANWR I knew this was one of those times.

Think about it folks. There is probably enough oil in ANWR to replace the amount we get from Iraq every year and it would create huge numbers of jobs. We’d only have to drill 2000 acres out of over 19 million in the reserve. The land we’d be drilling is isolated, uninhabited, government owned, frozen tundra in the absolute middle of nowhere. There just couldn’t be a better spot to drill for oil than ANWR.

But the Democrats are adamantly opposed to drilling ANWR because they have to keep the environmental kooks who vote for them happy. So unfortunately for the rest of us, we have to make a decision that’s mind-numbingly stupid because a bunch of anti-capitalist, tree hugging, Luddites are “concerned” about what effect drilling a tiny sliver of an icy wasteland might have on a few thousand caribou.

So we’re not going to drill ANWR. Despite the fact that every other nation in the world would be doing backflips of happiness over finding an oil supply like this on their own soil. Despite the fact that Iraq is refusing to sell us oil and Iran has talked about doing the same thing. Despite the fact that we’re fighting a long-term, far-ranging, war in the Middle East. Despite the fact that we’re constantly hearing that we’re too dependent on Middle Eastern oil.

Like I said, this is one of those times….

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