And don’t forget Monday, March 2/24 at 12pm: Moshe Feiglin
was born in Israel and is theWhere_there_are_no_men
founder and president of Manhigut Yehudit ["Jewish
Leadership"] and a candidate for Chairman of Likud. He founded and led the Zo
Artzeinu movement in its struggle against the Oslo Accords.

Feiglin graduated from Rabbi Chaim Druckman’s yeshiva, Or
Etzion, and served as a captain in a combat unit in the IDF. He is the author of
the book Where There Are No Men, publishes numerous articles and appears on
international TV and radio frequently. Moshe and his wife Tzippy have five
children and one grandchild. They live in Karnei Shomron, Israel.

Banned  from the UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, check out the backstory here.
Call-in Number: (347) 996-3944

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