Australia Cuts and Runs

I’m sure they view their actions as courageous, but it just seems like Australia is bailing
on a friend and even more, they are bailing on the Iraqi people. Peter
Khalil extols the military (rightfully so) and simultaneously claims moral superiority for quitting combat while combat is still needed to achieve this nebulous goal:

making the case for responsible withdrawal the Prime Minister has
demonstrated independence and candour. The Rudd Government’s Iraq
policy is grounded in the recognition that stability in Iraq requires a
political solution among all the ethnic and sectarian groups on such
critical issues as the distribution of oil revenue, powers of regional
governments and demobilisation of militias. The strategic reality is
that an indefinite presence of foreign troops as part of a
one-dimensional military campaign will never end the violence. This can
be achieved only by Iraqis through negotiation and agreement.

you say rationalization? This is just Leftist-speak for desiring a
positive outcome but being unwilling to do the tough work to get it
done. Oh, they’re available for the easy stuff, but the Americans can
do the hard work and the Australians can feel good about themselves
because they’ll give some money and “support”.

Sure, Americans still like Australians, but Kevin Rudd and his stupid minions and craven foreign policy? Not so much.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier.

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