Australian “Multicultural Educational Services” Gives Award To 11-Year-Old’s Story About Being A Suicide Bomber By Ace

Anyone think that a similar story about lynching aborignals would have gotten a prize? Or do you think that kid would have been expelled and/or put into forcible psychotherapy?

“I waken to the sounds of bombs. Women and children crying. Rubble. That is all there is to see.

Baghdad: once filled with beds of flowers and happy smiling faces. Now destroyed homes: destroyed families — no peace, no hope …

I miss my ma and papa so much. Images of their mangled bodies lying in pools of blood will never leave my mind …

The back door opens. Two American soldiers. The enemy. The destroyers, who say they are here to save us. I hate the Americans …

“Get them to the camp,” the gruff one orders …

A prisoner of war with nothing to live for except maybe to uphold the memories of my beloved Allah, my parents and my country.

To truly show the world what it means to be Muslim, I reach under my salwaar kameez and release the catch of dynamite strapped to my chest. Two minutes. Silence. THEN!!!!!”

Kids take their cues from teachers. This girl knew this terrorist splatterpunk would please her Give Terrorism A Chance teachers.

A very broad, very noisy, and very influential swath of the hard left is pro-terrorist and are effectively enemies of America. They are, as Excitable Andy described him before his heart went a-flutter at the thought of court-imposed gay marriage, a treasonous Fifth Column.


Enough is enough.

This content was used with the permission of Ace of Spades HQ.

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