Australia’s ABC Helps Kids Calculate How Soon They Should Die for Gaia

Anyone who doubts that liberalism is a death cult needs to check out the taxpayer-funded Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s kiddy-oriented Greenhouse Calculator, which helps little kids calculate how soon they should die so as to stop being a burden on the planet.

Children are asked,

How big a greenhouse pig are you?

To find the answer, they need to answer questions like, “Do you recycle your waste and compost organic and green wastes?” and “How often do you eat meat?” The bigger the pigs they are, the sooner they deserve to die for Gaia. If you go with the default answers that presumably represent average people, ABC wants you dead at age 9.3.

The site accomplishes two tasks at once, instilling antihuman environmentalist propaganda, while at the same time establishing that authorities are in a position to determine how long you should live.

This is what moonbats present to children online, where their parents can see it. Imagine what they’re teaching kids at school.

Australian tax dollars at work.

On tips from Oiao and V the K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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