Babies For Love?

This is what the world is coming to:

a stunning twist to the sudden rise in teen pregnancies at Gloucester
High School. Seventeen students there are expecting and many of them
became that way on purpose.

Time Magazine first reported that
nearly half of the girls confessed to making a pact to get pregnant and
raise their babies together. None of them is older than 16.

Schools Superintendent Christopher Farmer told WBZ’s Bill Shields Thursday the girls had “an agreement to get pregnant.”

parents of the 17 girls were interviewed. What causes a peer group to come up with such
a self-defeating scheme? The Superintendent says the girls “lacked
love”. Teenagers can be mind-numbingly stupid, though. It seems to me
that at least a few of these girls had loving families. It’s possible
that they all had uncaring parents but I doubt it.

I’m putting this one to a vote. It just seems too crazy.

The PRIMARY reason the pregnancy pact happened is because:
The girls lacked love
Peer pressure
Little supervision
Oversexed culture
Teenagers are stupid
The girls lacked a moral foundation
Media’s glorification of sex free polls

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