Bail For OJ Simpson?

This judge in the Simpson case certainly made an “interesting” decision,

“In a scene of legal deja vu, a grayer, heavier O.J. Simpson stood handcuffed in court Wednesday to face charges that could put him behind bars for life. The prosecutor who failed to get him a dozen years ago was there to watch, and news cameras tracked his every move as if they were covering a slow-speed chase.

But as Simpson made his $125,000 bail on charges including kidnapping and armed robbery, legal experts were questioning: Could a former football star who beat a double-murder rap really do hard time for a crime that sounds like a bad movie?”

Wait….the judge allowed Mr. White Bronco to make bail? What was the judge thinking? Was the judge the only person in America who didn’t watch that slow motion chase on TV? Simpson is a guy who has already tried to run for the border once and yet he’s being allowed to walk out of the jail even though he’s facing life in prison? Why does he deserve even that much trust at this point?

PS: Even though at first glance, the charges against Simpson in this case look a little dodgy, is it wrong for me to root for him to get life in prison anyway because he got away with murdering his wife and Ron Goldman?

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