Barack Obama Would Be Dan Quayle If He Were A Republican, Except Not As Talented

After reading my column at Townhall, Lee Tabin sent me an email that included this line:

Can you imagine how the media would treat an inexperienced albeit appealing senator like Obama if he were a Republican?

Well, Lee, we already have an answer to that. The Republican in question was Dan Quayle. The media called Quayle stupid and said, over and over and over again, that he was too green and inexperienced to be Vice-President.

So, how much experience did Quayle have? He spent four years in the House and eight years in the Senate, which meant that he had almost as much experience in Congress (12 years) as Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton combined (14 years).

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Barack Obama is a lightweight who is only in the Senate because the Republican opponent who would have crushed him, Jack Ryan, imploded after a sex scandal and Barack only had to beat Alan Keyes to get elected. If Obama actually managed to take the Democratic nomination, he would lose in a Dukakisesque landslide when he would be forced to take positions on issues other than “working together” and “hope.”

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