Barack Obama’s Post-Partisan Politics Looking…Kos Krazy Partisan

Before this weekend and week, most Americans still didn’t know what the Daily Kos was. Most still don’t know except for the break-through mentions in the TV media and even then, only on Fox will you hear the site mentioned. Other news channels have TV anchors that post there (Keith Olbermann). Major Democrats like Elizabeth Edwards have posted there, but you won’t hear that, either.

It’s time though, for Americans to know where Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore met with and gladly spoke to these people. When I was in Austin for the AFP Conference, the Kos Kids were in town, too. The keynote speakers? Why, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi! Michelle Malkin wonders where the Democrats are now considering the disgusting garbage coming out of their chum buckets about the Palin family:

Every major Democrat presidential candidate has attended the Yearly Kos convention. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid keynoted the nutroots’ annual gathering two years ago. Dick Durbin appeared via satellite with the official Senate seal in the background. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat down with the Kossacks and their ilk for a chat at Netroots Nation this year. Hillary pandered to the Kos crowd last summer. So did Barack Obama.

Barack Obama came out with a tepid statement saying that families are “off-limits”. He looked weary saying it, but imagine how Bristol Palin feels listening to this? Ann Althouse imagines:

I hope Bristol Palin is a strong person who can endure all this talk about her. Has a teenager ever had to put up with such a thing? Maybe we’ll get to see a beautiful wedding. You know the people love weddings! And the husband-to-be is gorgeous. Oh, I’m not saying dress the kids up and parade them around so that people can feel good about love and life and jerks can pronounce the whole thing an exploitative political show. It would probably be more tasteful to have a small and very private wedding. But I’m saying that from Wisconsin and reflecting my East Coast upbringing. I don’t know how they do things in Alaska.

The other young woman I remember being treated this way was Brittney Spears. I read at the NYT, where some commenter said that if the girl were a Democrat she’d be hated on by conservatives. Again with the bias against the average church going American.

Here’s the thing, the Kos Kids might have started the Palin hate, but the New York Times and major media outlets have legitimatized them based on today’s reporting.

The Anchoress as always gets to the point (my apologies for the long quote, there is so much more you need to read there):

Unlike these creatures, who want to think nothing but the worst of Sarah Palin, all five of her children, her husband and – if she has one – her dog, I don’t want to believe the worst about Obama. But I am really starting to wonder about the weird co-incidence that the Koskidz started a rumor – based on nothing – about Palin, and her daughter Bristol, and then it turns out that Bristol is pregnant. We know now that the press knew about the pregnancy.

The press is in the tank for Obama, we know that. When I read Allahpundit a while ago, I thought, “no” – but now, I have to wonder: did the Koskidz bungle a leak from the Obama camp?

Anyone find it amazingly coincidental that Daily Kos went after Palin’s own pregnancy right out of the chute on Friday, with no apparent evidence whatsoever, and now we find out that her daughter’s actually pregnant? I usually scoff at the idea of party researchers planting memes with bloggers, especially since the nutroots is so paranoid about that happening on the right, but that’s a simply remarkable stoke of good luck on their part, no?

I don’t believe Obama would do it. But his “camp” might. Remember, his “camp” greeted the news of Palin’s addition to the ticket with nastiness and a distinct lack of common political courtesy or generosity. Obama had to walk it back.

Oh yes, this is post-partisan politics, Barack Obama. And the Kos Kids don’t represent your ideology at all. Right.

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