Barrack’s Promises Vs. His Personal Life

If you listened to Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday, he was promising that government is going to fix every problem that the American people have. Got too many weeds in your yard? Under an Obama Presidency, they’ll send someone around to pull ’em up. Need someone to watch the kids while you run to Blockbuster to pick up a movie? It’s shameful that the Bush Administration hasn’t put a program in place to handle that already. In other words, anything and everything bad in life will disappear the moment Barack Obama becomes President because he’ll make government work for you.

Meanwhile, Barack’s own half-brother lives in a &^&%$&^%$$ hut.

Let me repeat that: if you elect Barack Obama as President, you will never have a problem again because Barack Obama will use his power as President to remove every challenge in your life, but his own half-brother is living in a hut.

Think about that or alternately, if you are a liberal, have a conservative explain the whole concept to you.

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