Bartcop Shows What ‘Mainstream’ Leftism Is About These Days

I’ve pointed out many times over the last couple of years how kooky the ‘mainstream’ left has gotten. Here’s another great example, I grabbed this image off of the front page of Bartcop’s Political Humor….

Wow, that is some political humor isn’t it? So who’s this Bartcop who posts these “hilarious” graphics? Some flake with 12 people reading his website? Oh no, quite the opposite.

A few months ago when I did the 100 Of The Most Popular Political Websites On The Net, he weighed in at a very respectable #56 & today his Alexa rank is an exceptional #26,147. Furthermore, he is linked on prominent left-wing blogs & websites like Eschaton, Eric Alterman: Altercation, BuzzFlash, & The Agonist.

So Bartcop’s warped perception of reality may be a minority view on the left, but it’s pretty hard to argue that they’re “fringe” views. Look at the traffic he gets, look at the people who link him — this isn’t a guy who’s perceived as a kook on the left. That’s not just scary, it’s actually sad..

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