Because Nothing Is As Funny To Liberals As American Soldiers In Wheelchairs

Over at the world’s most popular liberal blog, the Daily Kos, this ad caught my eye:

Is, what, “the band NOT be playing when our troops come home from Iraq in wheelchairs,” really something that produces “liberal doses” of laughter? What exactly do liberals at the Daily Kos find funny about soldiers coming home in wheelchairs?

Believe it or not, the song that’s promoted on the webpage is called “When Johnny comes rolling home,” and it’s about American troops getting crippled in Iraq. And this is something that apparently inspires “Laughter in Liberal Doses” at lefty blogs?

Not only is that disgusting, but the same Democratic politicians who are writing for the Daily Kos and presumably yukking it up at the thought of the troops being crippled are actually making decisions in Washington about the troops. Is that a comforting thought for anyone? That someone like Dick Durbin may be laughing uproariously at a song called, “When Johnny comes rolling home,” and then going out on the floor to vote on issues that impact the troops?

Un. Be. Lievable.

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