Best Idea Of The Day: McCain, Join The Protest On The House Floor.

As you may already know, the House Republicans are raising hell on the floor of the House and demanding that Congress take action to drive down gas prices, while Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are taking a month off on vacation. Think about who’s looking out for you and who isn’t the next time you go to the pump.

Well now, House minority leader John Boehner has asked John McCain to speak on the floor of the House as part of their protest.

Serious question? Is there anything else that McCain could do in the next month that would have a bigger upside and a smaller downside than accepting Boehner’s offer? If he did, he would…

* Generate headlines for his campaign and congressional Republicans.

* Be seen as fighting against high gas prices.

* Help cement his position as the de facto leader of the Republican Party, which he is, by virtue of being the party nominee.

* Fire up conservatives.

* Be standing up against a corrupt batch of incompetent Democrats who went on vacation rather than doing their jobs.

Meanwhile, the more Democrats that attack him and the GOP, the more attention it would draw to the whole situation — and honestly, that’s the last thing the Dems want. They want this whole protest to disappear down the rabbit hole as fast as possible because it makes them look terrible.

That’s why McCain should show up and support the Republicans who are fighting the good fight in DC right now.

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