Bias Against The US At The ICC? Nonsense, We Love You Stupid Cowboys!

This may shock some of you, but it seems that there’s a spot of trouble in the “special relationship” between Britain and the US. No, I’m not referring to the loons out protesting in the street, I’m referring to the shrew who’s married to Tony Blair. Yes, during a visit to Britain that many Bush partisans would have rather he skipped all together because of security concerns and protests by rabid, anti-war lefties, Blair’s wife Cherie Booth of all people is taking the opportunity to publicly chide Bush over the ICC. Here’s some of what she had to say…

“It seems inconceivable that a state committed to the rule of law, such as the US, would refuse to investigate and prosecute its nationals should there be reliable evidence that they had been involved in international crimes.”

“…With time we can but hope the US will come to share that perspective with regard to its own people, and recognise that the concerns it has expressed – legitimate as they may now seem – are not well founded.”

“The absence of the United States means we all stand to lose.”

We all stand to lose what exactly? The opportunity to put Americans on the dock and prosecute them in an anti-American kangaroo court? Of course, people like Booth always swear up and down that’s not what they intend to do, but when you watch the way Europe tends to react to events in the world, it’s very apparent that there’s a double standard when it comes to Israel and the United States. All of us know how it works even if there are a lot of people on the left who refuse to admit it.

You know, Palestinians blowing themselves up on a school bus full of women and kids, “certainly should be condemned, BUT…” as opposed to shrieks of “war crime, war crime, war crime” when Israel defends themselves by killing terrorists who have nothing less than genocide as a goal.

In our case, we’d end up with someone like Donald Rumsfeld being prosecuted because we used depleted uranium shells in Iraq while murderous thugs like Robert Mugabe and Bashar al-Assad would still be welcome at French cocktail parties.

Furthermore, can you just imagine the gleeful way people like Jacques Chirac & Gerhard Schroeder would manipulate the ICC behind the scenes? “Oh, this filthy war in Iraq, it is a WAR CRIME! The Americans should be forced to answer in the international criminal court for their illegal invasion! How do you like “Old Europe” now you stupid American cowboys! Ha, Ha, Ha!”

Oh yeah, sign us up for that right now.

Even if the ICC were completely fair, there would still be no reason for us to get on board with it. I say that because I see no reason why any American should ever have to stand in front of a non-American judge at the ICC and try to convince him that he didn’t commit a war crime. That’s a matter that should be decided by Americans and no one else.

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