Biden As Barry’s VP: Actually, A Fantastic Choice

Right now, you might be saying “Teach, are you drunk? Have you drunk the liberal kool aid? Or, are you just a bit fetched in the head?” Maybe a bit of 1 and 3, but, let’s think about what the pick of Biden brings.

There is not much point in going over what so many pundits and columnists wrote Saturday. The basics that most, both left and right came to, was “he really ads nothing to the ticket. He won’t bring in many votes, he won’t help with the South, he makes Obama look like the foreign policy neophyte he really is, heck, he makes Barry look like a neophyte in most things. Joe is much more qualified to be president then Barry. He has those massive ties to lobbyists that Barry whines about. He is a massive Washington insider. This has really pissed of Hillary’s supporters. Etc, and so on.”

And, sure, there were many on the left and right who wrote that this was a massively bad pick. Some on the Left tried to spin it positively, but, you know they were popping out a post quickly so they could get back to cleaning the bathroom.

And women have not been entirely enthused with the pick.

But, this was a great pick. No, still not drunk.

The reason is simple: Biden carries a massive amount of baggage, as so many have pointed out. The gaffes, the racism, the runaway mouth, the lobbyist ties, the Washington insider mentality. And, how much and how often will the right side of the Internet, along with the miniscule Conservative leaning media, folks like Rush, Hannity, Levin, et all, bring Joe’s negatives up? And when he does or says something dumb? Even the liberal media might come out from their doggie houses and notice.

From my point of view, the pick of Joe 7-11 is one designed to deflect away from Barry and his character issues, his lack of advertised substance and policy (we know what he really stands for, but, that will not make it into the mainstream media), gaffes Barry makes, and his inexperience. Joe can get out there and attack, attack, attack, while Barry sits back and plays Mr. Lovable Hope and Change without getting his hands dirty.

Even the AP climbed out of their liberal tree house made of Arugula to notice that Biden fills the attack role. This way, Barry can remain articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

Anything that keeps the eyes focused off Barry’s negatives is a positive for Barry. That anything is Joe Biden.

So, the best thing to do is mostly ignore Biden. When he goes on the attack, do not address the responses to Joe, but back to Barry. Consider McCain’s latest attack, which attempts to get to Hillary supporters over the pick of Biden. Go after Barry, not Joe. Joe is Barry’s shield. Treat Joe as a sideshow, much like John Edwards was treated during the 2004 cycle.

Obama Biden Rottweiler

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