Big Bird For Chancellor Of Germany

I knew the Germans were more than a little nutty, but this has got to be off the charts on the wackymeter…

“Children will be allowed to vote in Germany if some leading members of the country’s parliament have their way.

The proposal, seen as a counter-balance to an aging population resistant to welfare cuts, would give parents one proxy vote per child, according to Reuters.

But at least one proponent – Michael Kruse, deputy head of the German Children’s Charity – thinks children should do the voting themselves in order to avoid conflict in families.

Reuters said 47 MPs support a cross-party motion calling for the right to vote from birth.

“A fifth of the population is excluded from elections,” said Klaus Haupt of the Free Democrats party, a leader of the initiative.

…The Social Democrat parliamentary Speaker Wolfgang Thierse and his deputy, Green Party member Antje Vollmer, support the measure, along with former Christian Democrat president Roman Herzog and Family Minister Renate Schmidt.

“Politicians will only take children seriously if they know they could be voted out by them,” Haupt said, according to the news service.”

The right to vote from birth? Have the Germans gone mad…ehr, again? They’re going to have Barney the Dinosaur challenging for Chancellor and Schroeder will have to run on a campaign slogan of a “PS2 in every house” to beat him. This idea that a bunch of kids who spend their days watching Sesame Street and their nights playing “Candyland” should actually play a part in deciding who the next Chancellor of Germany is just boggles the mind.

So the next time you hear some Democrat ranting about how Bush is a unilateralist because he can’t get the sheltered loonies in Germany (among others) to approve of the war on terrorism, I want you to remember that there are apparently a significant number of German pols who think children should be able to vote five minutes out of the womb. That should give you a good idea of the type mentality Bush has to deal with behind the scenes.

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