Big Interview Tomorrow

Get ready for another big interview that I’m going to be posting tomorrow. Let’s see if you can guess who it is. I’ll give you some VERY generic hints…

1) This person is a Nobel Prize winner.
2) This person was born before WW2 started.
3) This person to the best of my knowledge, does not write regular editorial columns, has never run for office and after talking to this person, I’m pretty sure he/she doesn’t even surf the net.
4) I can’t even name the field this person is in, because this person dominates it to such an extent that it would give it away.

That should be enough clues. Each person gets one guess and the first blogger (note that in the post if you don’t have a link back to your site in your profile) who nails it will get a link to their blog in a post update.

PS: Legal mumbo jumbo, yada, yada, yada, I reserve the right not to link you if I don’t want to, because you’re a jerk, you’re Al Franken, etc, etc, etc.

PS #2: Oh and the people who I’ve already told are of course not eligible….

***Update: We have a winner already. Aresian from News Indigestion nails it.

It is Milton Friedman and although I haven’t transcribed it yet, my initial impression was that it was very, very, good.

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