Bitterly Divided Over Gay Marriage By Jayson Javitz

The State of Kansas on Tuesday voted to re-affirm its existing ban on gay marriages. The margin was 71-29.

And, along those lines, below is a breakdown of the voting margins, to ban gay marriages, in the 15 states which have done so, by direct referendums, since Howard Dean’s Vermont became the very first, and only, jurisdiction to recognize “civil unions” for same-sex couples outside of the judicial system:

57-43 = Oregon.
59-41 = Michigan.
62-38 = California.
62-38 = Ohio.
66-34 = Utah.
67-33 = Montana.
71-29 = Kansas.
71-29 = Missouri.
73-27 = North Dakota.
75-25 = Arkansas.
75-25 = Kentucky.
76-24 = Georgia.
76-24 = Oklahoma.
78-22 = Louisiana.
86-14 = Mississippi.

What’s my point?

Well, let’s put aside, for a moment, the various legal, moral, ethical, historical, and religious issues which surround this matter.

This is, after all, a political web site.

And politics is about power, not merely rhetoric.

The thing that I, for one, have found, well, quite surreal, to be frank about it, is the extent to which supporters of gay marriage have ensconced themselves in revolving conundrums of sheer political reality denial.

The overwhelming majority of voters in this country do not want gay marriages to be recognized. We can sit around and debate the merits of the underlying questions, all day, but it won’t change that pure political reality. Yet, the more states which go ahead and directly vote to ban recognition of those unions, by overwhelming, super-majorities, no less, the louder the proponents thereof continue to shout that they’re “inevitable,” and a “winning issue,” politically speaking, from their standpoint.

With that, let me quote from the patron saint of political cognitive dissonance, the late Manhattan socialite, New Yorker film critic, and trust-fund liberal, Pauline Kael:

“I don’t know how Nixon got elected; nobody I know voted for him.”


Nixon won 49 out of 50 states, in that election, including dear Pauline’s home base of New York.

And denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, my friends.”

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