Black Racists On The Super Bowl

You can’t even enjoy a football game in this country without having people trying to turn it into a race based issue. From the AP:

“With two black coaches in the Super Bowl for the first time, the historic accomplishment presents a welcome dilemma for many black fans: For whom to root?

Many are not picking sides in Sunday’s game – they see Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy and Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith’s presence in the NFL’s biggest game as a win-win situation.

“We can’t lose,” said New York University history professor Jeffrey Sammons, who studies sports and race.

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…Reggie Green, a 30-year-old architect, said he will cheer for Chicago, but said he’s just out for a good name for blacks.

“It’s always a black thing for me, even if it’s ice skating,” he said.

Tyrone Buckner, a 37-year-old accountant in Atlanta, said the issue in this year’s Super Bowl is one of black pride.

“We know that a black man’s gonna win the Super Bowl,” he said.”

This is just nauseating. You have a bunch of ignorant racists picking which football team to support based on the color of the head coach and the AP is just going right along with it, eyes wide with wonderment, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Do you think the AP would be writing the same kind of piece if you had racists like Joe Biden and Robert Byrd talking about how important it was to them to have a team with a white coach winning the Super Bowl? Would the AP be putting a pleasant spin on it if you had some white guy say something like, “We know that a white man’s gonna win the Super Bowl!” or “It’s always a white thing for me, even if it’s ice skating.” Of course, they wouldn’t — and they shouldn’t.

Racist behavior is wrong, no matter what the race of the person engaging in it happens to be.

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