Bloggers Select The Greatest Figures In American History (Version 2)

Out of all the titans in American history — Presidents and generals, inventors and entrepreneurs, reformers and revolutionaries — have you ever wondered who the best of the best were? Well, RWN decided, for the first time in more than 3 years, to email more than 225 right-of-center bloggers to get their opinions. Representatives from the following 41 blogs responded…

The Absurd Report, Ankle Biting Pundits, Argghhhh!, The Baseball Crank, Betsy’s Page, Blackfive, BlameBush!, BizzyBlog, Blue Crab Boulevard, Brainster’s Blog, BrothersJudd Blog, Chez Diva, The Club For Growth Blog, Damian Penny, DANEgerus Weblog, Ed Driscoll, Dummocrats, Eckernet, Freeman Hunt, GayPatriot, GOPProgress, Guardian Watchblog, IMAO, Iowa Voice, Isaac Schrödinger, James Hudnall, Jeff Gannon – A Voice of the New Media, The Kallini Brothers, Kung Fu Quip, Mark In Mexico, Right Angle Blog, Right Wing News, Don Singleton, Solomonia, Southern Appeal, The Squiggler, Stolen Thunder, Stop The ACLU, Don Surber, Toys In The Attic, WILLisms

All bloggers were allowed to make anywhere from 1-20 unranked selections. Rank was determined simply by the number of votes received. Without further ado, the greatest figures in American history according to the right side of the blogosphere are as follows (with the number of votes following each selection)…

Honorable Mentions: John F. Kennedy (4), Lewis And Clark (4), William Tecumseh Sherman (5), Jonas Salk (5), John Marshall (5), Milton Friedman (5), George Washington Carver (5), Susan B. Anthony (5), Audie Murphy (6), Douglas MacArthur (6). Patrick Henry (6), Andrew Carnegie (6)

25) Alexander Graham Bell (7)
23) Thomas Paine (8)
23) Frederick Douglass (8)
22) George W. Bush (9)
18) Wright Brothers (10)
18) Mark Twain (10)
18) Harry Truman (10)
18) Bill Gates (10)
17) Dwight D. Eisenhower (12)
15) George Patton (13)
15) Albert Einstein (13)
12) Teddy Roosevelt (14)
12) Franklin D. Roosevelt (14)
12) Ulysses S. Grant (14)
11) Alexander Hamilton (15)
10) Henry Ford (16)
9) John Adams (17)
8) Thomas Edison (21)
7) James Madison (22)
6) Thomas Jefferson (29)
5) Martin Luther King Jr. (30)
4) Ben Franklin (32)
3) George Washington (35)
2) Abraham Lincoln (37)
1) Ronald Reagan (39)

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